Yochai Matos | 31.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

This is a picture from the series “happy new year” by Tel aviv based artist Yochai Matos. It came very handy today and it is really good stuff. For more goodness including a handfull of light installations, paintings and streetart check out his homepage.
Happy new year, y’all!


Zven Balslev | 24.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Work by danish artist Zven Balslev, represented by Charlotte Fogh Gallery.


Teen | 24.12.2009 | In Art, Print | No Comments

Teen zine by Kristy Foom and Mario Zoots, published by Drippy Bone Books.


Torsten Slama | 22.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Drawing by Berlin based artist Torsten Slama, he also works with painting and collage.


Claus Carstensen | 21.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Danish artist Claus Carstensen makes these images that looks like they’ve been run through a photocopier or scanner but to my understanding they’re actually acrylic paintings. See his website for more.


Petra Cortright | 21.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Good stuff by digital image and video maker Petra Cortright, have a look at her website.


Nick Cortese | 18.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Drawing by Nick Cortese, he lives and works in NYC and is represented by Galerie Jeanroch Dard.


Kevin Zucker | 18.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Painting by Kevin Zucker, no website unfortunately.


Andrew Jeffrey Wright | 17.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Andrew Jeffrey Wright makes great things, see his website for more.


Trenton Doyle Hancock | 17.12.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Mixed media works by Trenton Doyle Hancock.