Travess Smalley | 31.10.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Travess works in a whole range of different mediums, drawing being one of them. But it’s all good stuff. Check out his website and flickr.


Rachell Sumpter | 30.10.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Amazing paintings by Rachell, see website.


Our winter show | 30.10.2009 | In Exhibition | No Comments

“Our winter show” at Steinsland Berliner has a real nice line-up, including some favorites of mine; Keith Shore, Hilary Pecis and Svartkonst #2 contributor Fredrik Åkum. Opening tomorrow 18.00-22.00.
Full line-up and more info at their website.


Nicolas S | 29.10.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Drawings by Nicolas. See more here.


Marian Sissia | 28.10.2009 | In Art | No Comments

I really like these pencil drawings, be sure to check them all out here.


Stéphane Prigent | 28.10.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Nice paintings and drawings on Stéphane’s flickr.


Cartune Xprez | 27.10.2009 | In Art, Exhibition, Video | No Comments

Cartune Xprez is a travelling roadshow of animated videos and multimedia performances. So far we have birthed a few epic tours, many scattered screenings, and two DVD publications with a slew of inspiring artists.”
Gallery Loyal in Malmö hosts the tour this saturday, check their website for info. It’ll most definately be awesome. And here are two video samples:
Jacob Ciocci
Takeshi Murata


Asger B. | 27.10.2009 | In Art, Print | No Comments

A good looking zine consisting of black and white drawings by Asger, I’m not sure if it’s available for purchase anywhere. Check flickr.


Patrick Kyle | 26.10.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Comic book illustrations by this recent graduate, view his website.


Colin Henderson | 25.10.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Some nice illustrations by Colin, website.