UGLY UGLY UGLY | 30.11.2009 | In Print | 1 Comment

New zine by Jonas Delaborde, see photos of it here. I’m not sure where you can get it though.


Francine Spiegel | 28.11.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Paintings by New York based artist Francine Spiegel.


Simon Collins | 28.11.2009 | In Art | No Comments

I might have posted this on the old blog but it’s definitely worth a re-post. Painting by Simon Collins, no website unfortunately.


Tomoo Gokita | 27.11.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Paintings by Tomoo Gokita.


Bless this mess | 27.11.2009 | In Print | No Comments

I made this zine, go check it out.


Sverre Malling | 26.11.2009 | In Art | No Comments

If you’re not familiar with the work of Sverre Malling yet you really need to give his website a visit. Insanely detailed drawings.


AJ Fusco | 26.11.2009 | In Art | No Comments

Abstract, dark, death metal-ish drawings by AJ Fusco, good stuff!


Frédéric Poincelet | 25.11.2009 | In Art | No Comments

The drawings of Frédéric Poincelet.


Paul Bonnet | 24.11.2009 | In Art | 1 Comment

I just came across these great drawings by french artist Paul Bonnet.


Mega Macerator | 23.11.2009 | In Print | 1 Comment

Zine by Leon Sadler and Massimiliano Bomba called Mega Macerator, looking good. Published by Famicon Express.