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Svartkonst is releasing a new zine featuring work by Brian Beluga (aka Andreas Ervik) on the 22nd of February. The release will be held in conjunction with Brian Belugas solo show at Sound of Mu in Oslo. So if you’re around don’t miss out! It’s going down at Markveien 58 in Oslo starting at 19.30. In the meantime check out some photos of the zine and pre-order your copy in our shop.


Favorite artists featured in 2010 | 31.12.2010 | In News | No Comments

End of the year, time to sum shit up. I went back and looked through all the posts of 2010 to compile some favorite founds we’ve made through the year. It was a good opportunity to see what the artist we’ve featured has been up to since posting about them. In the end it came down to 10 favorite artists we featured in 2010, but there are a bunch of good ones left out so give our archive a look. Click here to check them all out. Happy new year, see you on the other side.


Pangea Hostel | 15.06.2010 | In News | No Comments

I would encourage everyone visiting Sweden this summer to go to Pangea Hostel.
Its the cheapest alternative if you want to rent a bed in central Stockholm and It is driven by a cultural organization with young creative people so the atmosphere is really inpiring. And you’re not going to Stockholm to stay in your fancy hotel room anyways!


The alphabet show | 23.02.2010 | In Art, Exhibition, News | No Comments

Gallery SteinslandBerliner opens “The alphabet show” this friday. There will be a lot of great artists showing work that is text-related. Some swedish talents; NUG & Pike, Jonas Nobel, Lisa Jonasson, a couple of dan’s; Huskmitnavn, Jacob Boeskov, Marten Damgaard; Eine from UK and Michael Genovese from US.

We will handle the first exhibition in the new area called LOTS by showing the work by Patrick Kyle in a show called “Grim Pseudonym” opening the same time. Come by GSB on the opening this friday! The best afterwork ever!


Patrick Kyle interview | 11.02.2010 | In Art, News | No Comments

We’re curating a show and publishing a zine featuring Patrick Kyle’s work, both titled Grim Pseudonym. The show will be opening February 26 in Stockholm, more details to come! In the meantime we interviewed Patrick, read it here.


Rasmus Svensson & Hanna Terese Nilsson | 19.11.2009 | In News, Print | No Comments

Received a package of goodness from Rasmus Svensson and Hanna Terese Nilsson, it contains the YACL-book, an over-sized magazine called “Shopped” and three zines by Rasmus. It’s all really good stuff and we’re very excited to be exhibiting this work at the Svartbar #3 tomorrow friday! Drop by if you’re in Stockholm. Oh and the zines will be for sale, so bring cash money if you want one!


Svartbar #3 – Photo setup | 09.11.2009 | In News | No Comments

We´ve decided to make the photo couch a permanent thingy on Svartbar. We also thought it would be nice to let other people handle it from now on.
If you’d like to make the setup for the next Svartbar (which is the 20th of November) email us as soon as possible.


Svartbar #2 | 18.10.2009 | In Exhibition, News | No Comments

Svartbar sure was crazy this time as well. Linnea Mesko exhibited a couple of paintings, Svartkonst arranged a little automatic photoshoot corner, Sylvelin and Julia showed some art-movie (and random clips) on projection and Herrskapet served us a great dancefloor. We’re on it again the 20th of november. More Pictures


Uland K interview | 14.10.2009 | In News | No Comments

We’ve added an unpublished interview from Svartkonst #1 with Uland K, see it here! For more work by Uland, check out his flickr, really good stuff.

We will be adding more interviews and other features to the website in the future, so check back soon.


We’re updating! | 12.10.2009 | In News | No Comments

We’re currently updating our website so things will be abit shaky for a while, stay tuned.

Edit: Looks like most things are up and running! We lost all our old blog posts unfortunately, but we’ll fill this thing up in no time. Enjoy.