Yannick Val Gesto | 15.12.2010 | In Art, Video | No Comments

Sorry about the lack of updates, slowly but surely we’re gonna get back to it so bare with us. Anyway! Yannick has updated his website with a bunch of new works, its all good stuff so be sure to give his site a visit.


Duncan Malashock | 11.05.2010 | In Art, Video | 1 Comment

Website and video art by Duncan Malashock, you need to see these in action so head over here.


Dan “Danzo” Olsen | 12.03.2010 | In Art, Video | No Comments

Dan just sent us an e-mail and we sure like those! Loads of great work on his website and blog. ch-ch-check it out!


The kaboom process | 21.02.2010 | In Art, Video | No Comments

Great performances by Søren Dahlgaard & Israeli artist Meir Tati. See the videos from the projects here.


Bruno B. Dicolla | 10.11.2009 | In Art, Video | No Comments

“Return as an Animal” is a very cool video by Bruno, see it here. He also makes good drawings and collages, see website or flickr for more.


Cartune Xprez | 27.10.2009 | In Art, Exhibition, Video | No Comments

Cartune Xprez is a travelling roadshow of animated videos and multimedia performances. So far we have birthed a few epic tours, many scattered screenings, and two DVD publications with a slew of inspiring artists.”
Gallery Loyal in Malmö hosts the tour this saturday, check their website for info. It’ll most definately be awesome. And here are two video samples:
Jacob Ciocci
Takeshi Murata


Daniel Gordon | 16.10.2009 | In Art, Photography, Video | No Comments

This is some awe collage-work! It does not only look amazing but the idea behind is great to. The proccess is even more impressive than the product in some cases and I find this guy truly interesting in that matter. Watch this interview-thingie on Vimeo
Index on Zack Feuer Gallery


Palatine by datdatdat.org | 12.10.2009 | In Video | No Comments

Watch on vimeo
Amazing CGI work! DATDATDAT was new to me so looking through their work as well as their scrap-blog was truly inspiring.